Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jaffa/Tel Aviv incident from VIN

I'm inside cuddled up in a blanket thanks to this cold weather so I thought I would blog a little and I see this interesting story on VIN. It seems some Arabs, including an IDF veteran were chased out of a Jewish neighborhood in Tel Aviv. The comments were back and forth. I summed them up and asked a question. I've pasted my comment below.

On the one hand, Arabs have been harassing Jews.

On the other hand, they were in the IDF so they are a different kind of Arab. They are the Arab that is part of a peace solution not a hate solution.
On the other hand, why did they have to get an apartment in a Jewish area? It says they were working in Jaffa, doesn't Jaffa have neighborhoods of each? I saw the indie film, "Jaffa" and in the movie there were neighborhoods of both. The people I was with said Jaffa is really just like that.

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