Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sheisty Sheitel Saga: Geogie Is Upset With The Jewish Community

Georgie spoke out and at about 5 mins into this video on VIN's update post, she criticizes the community for not sticking together. The video is boring and there are holes in it. She said she had to custum make a wig in less than 24 hours because the "poor girl had nothing to wear." Oh the DRAMA, spare me! She could wear a tichel into the office so  obviously she could leave the house in it. Most of the commenters over on VIN are asking why she couldn't wear the fall she had.

Personally, I know that hair from a wig would look like the wig in question if it went through a machine EXCEPT for fo the fact that the hair was coming out of the cap of the wig BIG time. So, let me explain what I, a non-sheitel wearer bases this on. I have forgotten to buy conditioner before and times that I have I have washed my hair anyway, with only shampoo, in the summer, I NEVER dry my hair, I let it dry. So, if I didn't use conditioner and went to bed with a wet head, I could wake up and my hair be fine since I don't always toss and turn in my sleep or I could wake up and my hair would be pretty tangled. Like Judge Millian said, "this is human hair, it's supposed to behave like human hair."  I have been able to painstakenly unknot my hair, too.

The biggest problem is that the more you hear, the more it doesn't make sense. The cover-ups that they try to pass off as "explanations" aren't matching up. Was the phone forwarded to Sylvia or Georgi in France?

My final verdict is that the wig should have been fixable. I agree it wasn't, but it wasn't fixable because the weave came out and you can see the whole top of the head has come out. A washing machine is not that rough that a custom made sheitel should fall apart like that. I base that on how, according to wikipedia, a custom wig is made and the fact that your clothes would fall apart if a machine was that rough. The hairs are supposed to be knotted into the cap. Also, according to the wikipedia article, they are single knotted at the edge and double (more secure) knotted everywhere else. The hair was coming out from the top of the scalp of the wig. That doesn't make sense. The more I think about it, the more I'm starting to think that the hairs must have been glued in to the scalp, which would make it a VERY cheap wig.


  1. I have been following this case very carefully but still unsure as to what actually happened.
    One thing I agree with you about is that the judge may have or may have not made mistakes on this case, but I dont think she is an anti-semite.

  2. My wig (the "Velma" one) actually went through the wash once. Looks fine. (It had hidden in one of my sweaters when I pulled it off. Not only wasn't it completely ruined, but I didn't make a public ass out of myself suing anyone!)

  3. Also, didn't she have a *fall*? Why couldn't she have worn that in the meantime? When I got married, my good shaitel was only for Shabbos. I used the fall as an everyday wig until I got the short one.

  4. i think that your opinion is more valuable than people that really don't wear sheitls and don't know much about them and people that are "nogea bedavar"--that are affected by the case.
    In the Talmud a witness that has something to gain from his testimony is not accepted

  5. I humbly disagree. My DH accidentally put my Milano sheital in the washer and dryer. I looked just like that wig on People's Court. The wig looked as if it were put in the dryer.

    That said, the label said "Revlon" those two were lying and it's an embarrassment!