Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Sheisty Sheitel Saga Drags on....

So, supposedly some rabbi from VIN talked to both Georgie's and the couple. Then he wrote this up to make lame excuses for them. As usual, several people jumped in and said, "I knew they were innocent."

I found three comments where people proported legal knowledge while making asisine statements. This is the reply I submitted. I really wanna hear from more women who wear a sheitel.

If you look at the video when the judge is showing the damage right before she gives it to them. She says about how the weave is coming out. You can see the weave. That is NOT a custom sheitel. That's a weave that's sewn in to the wig. $3k sheitels are not made like that. All you have to do is look at the Wikipedia article on wigs to know that. It's called a weft.

Re: Comments 154, 183, 202

It's criminal or civil. If it's Civil law, then it's common law or Statutory. NYS supreme court is just the lowest court in NYS. "Supreme or civil" is wrong. I don't have a law degree but I did take business law last spring. This is like stuff we did the first week, like law 101 stuff. There's no way someone has a law degree and doesn't know this. NYS uses both common and statutory. Common means that we go by precedance of other cases (Stare decisis). Statutory means a law (statutes) was passed through state or federal senate.
As for "Dan leKaf z’chus” – judging someone favorably until they are proven to be guilty, when are frummies going to start judging converts favorably?


  1. from vin
    # Dec 10, 2010 at 09:08 AM
    Anonymous Says:
    Break it down for people,

    1.Judge Milian called the number on the receipt. Who gave the receipt? Heidi and Mendy. If it was the wrong receipt, they should have given the proper receipt.
    2. Georgie sells Georgie wigs. Why would they sell a different brand?
    3. Heidi herself said she only had two wigs, the one on her head and the damaged one. Come to find out she had three right? One fall, One human hair, and one damaged.
    4. Heidi said the spanish lady did not understand the word "no". In spanish the word for no is NO. Heidi said the spanish lady did not speak english. It seems the spanish lady was on the same level of comprehension as Heidi.
    5. Mendy said he had a spanish employee of his call the dry cleaners. Why didn't Mendy have the employee write a letter to the courts as proof they told the lady not to clean it. After all the Jose and his workers brought their witnesses to testify.
    6. Mendy said he went to 3 stores to see if they could fix the sheitel yet he had no proof.
    7. More importantly, they went on national tv. supposedly the show was recorder on November 6 (allegedly) Heidi is wearing red nail polish and red lipstick and knee high patent boots.

  2. They were a laundromat and not a dry cleaning place. The nails were black not red. Yep, she was wearing hooker boots.

  3. Actually, the nail polish thing doesn't bother me. If she were pregnant, she wouldn't see the inside of a mikvah for close to a year. I find it more offensive that someone would go on national TV and state that she spent $3 grand to be "modest."

  4. As I posted on VIN, you're wrong when you say '"Supreme or civil" is wrong.'
    As I wrote there:

    No, in NYC, it's quite right. You can try most civil cases in either (lesser) civil court or (bigger, more prestigious) Supreme Court. Small Claims is a division of Civil Court.
    The reason Supreme Court is called 'Supreme' is because it's superior to the other trial courts (civil court in NYC, district, county, town, etc. courts elsewhere).

    And it's unfortunate that 'civil' means two different things: a) The opposite of criminal in American law; b) the opposite of common law. England, America, and various other places use common law. France, Scotland, and Louisiana (for example) use civil law. You have to know context ...

    Ritual disclaimer: I am a lawyer, but I am not your lawyer, and I'm probably too drunk to give legal advice.

    Nachman Yaakov Ziskind
    awacs -at- ziskind -dot- us

  5. update: georgi was interviewed on vin and claimed the ruined wig was indeed the custom wig heidi purchased.

  6. Oh my goodness, "Sheisty Sheitel Saga," that had me in stitches. ;^D That's awesome, that's how I'm going to refer to it from here on out. ;^D

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