Monday, January 17, 2011

Girls Throwing Themselves At Guys...

I had a discussion yesterday with a friend about the way most women throw themselves at guys. I referred to it as, "running to the guys." I'm a girl who has never been one to do this. However, I've seen several girls who have. The topic actually came up because a non-Jewish friend of mine was thinking about taking a friend of hers (that I know, but don't consider a friend) in as a roommate, including putting her on her lease. I asked my friend, "are you sure you want to do that?" My friend tells me that she knows her pretty well nowadays. I pointed out that the friend is the type to do this "running to the guys." One time, about five years ago, my friend was looking for an apartment and I and this girl went along with her. The apartment hunting was very clearly for my friend. However, this woman kept cutting in asking questions saying that maybe she would get the apartment with her husband. The "husband" she was referring to was a guy she met within that past month and he was talking about marriage with her.

Girls want to get married soooooo badly that they get all excited whenever a man talks about marriage with her. So many of them lose all senses and the ability to critically examine that maybe, just maybe HE JUST WANTS TO SLEEP WITH YOU. However, if you suggest that, they will get defensive and start talking about all the men that want them or that they can get. Women say this and yet they are not married.

If all I wanted was to get married, then I could be married. However, I am not the type to date men I really not interested in, just because the man gives me the time of day. That's most other women-not me. I have to be attracted to someone I would consider. It's pretty hard for a girl to find a guy she actually wants. Many girls are so wishy washy they don't really have a what they want and what they don't want with regards to guys. After all, most of these girls who are always running around with guys claim they are trying to find out what they want.

I see a lot of it in the Modern Orthodox community. Girls are friends with all guys and not really any girls. Does anyone know, I'm guessing these girls are talked about and whispered about and referred to as sluts. If you talk to these women who are constantly running around with some guy they just met, they will tell you they are doing this because they are trying to get married. Yet these are the very girls who DON'T get married.

What do all of you think?

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  1. There was some economist who pointed out that in a world with 100 guys and 100 gals, people will meet normally. If there are only 90 guys (or it's perceived that there are only 90), it's not just that 10 gals won't find a guy; the gals will start competing for a guy, and the guys start getting choosier and making more demands, "playing the field"; so the number of gals who will wind up married is a lot less than 90. What a mess!