Monday, January 10, 2011

Talmud Bullies: For Or Against Hashem?

One thing that sickens me is the way people who are supposed to be good Jews are actually bullying other Jews.

Recently, a blogger that I read was considering shutting down his blog. I am disturbed by this. He speaks much of the same things I speak about. He sides with justice and Hashem and points out some of our problems in hopes that some of the people will think critically about the corruption that the masses accept without question. I do feel that on his blog, people actually think a little more critically about what he says which is why the Jewish people need spokespersons like this rabbi.

I understand that many people will look at me and say, "who am I, as a convert, to question the way things are done? The fact is that my response comes my BINA that I possess as a woman and from my study of the Pentateuch that I did in preparation for my conversion.

Furthermore, this rabbi agrees with much of what I say.

Seriously, though, I don't understand how people can think it's not against the Torah to say put pictures up of rabbis they've never met, as I criticized. Doesn't Hashem say rather explicitly, "thou shalt have no other gods before me."

I would like to point out to my readership that automatically dismisses that which I say, the people who came up with this are the people who have dubbed themselves the most religious Jews. Forget "tradition", USE THE BRAIN THAT HASHEM GAVE YOU and process what is going on in your surroundings. Don't let the Talmud Bullies bully you into their twisted version of Toyrah based on picking and choosing their favorite quotes from the gemara and using what they so please, meanwhile they criticize all other Jews of doing the same thing.

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  1. Unfortunately, when the local educational system is run by those same rabbis who benefit from the status quo, this is pretty much what you're going to get.
    A true story--I was studying Torah with my chavrusa, who graduated from a Bais Yaakov school. I asked her why we follow the shadchan model in marrying people off, since Yaakov Avina not only met his wife on his own, he kissed her! Her response: "No, he didn't!" I actually had to pull out my Chumash and give her the posuk where is says, point blank "Yaakov kissed Rachel." The problem is that most people have barely studied the Torah they claim to practice, despite the years of religious schooling.