Sunday, January 23, 2011

My anonymous neighbor/blogreader...

So, I just published some comments from Kew Gardner, and Kew Gardens is in my area.

This blogreader pointed out that I don't tie in the changes to the Jewish yesteryear so much so I thought I would stop and do that.

I know a couple in their 70's and the husband always complains about how he can't wear a grey suit and where did this come from. I have heard a lot of people, especially Jewish women, who will spout off "this is good" and "this is bad" with no basis. Interestingly, FFBs are wrapped up in their own traditions and don't necessarily listen to anyone, including the rabbis. I'll elaborate. I went to a women's shiur once that was promoted as teaching the forgotten rules that people don't follow anymore. However, instead of learning what the rabbi said, the women (including the wife of the guy teaching us) kept saying, "that's not true because that's not what we did in my house growing up." I was thinking to myself how the class was promoted and thinking, "if you feel like you already know it all, why did you come?" Of course, I said nothing.


  1. Actually KGH, but "Kew Gardener" sounded better than "Kew Gardens Hillbilly"

  2. And the other end result of all this...a lot of confused-as-heck BTs. Honestly, I couldn't tell you where the halacha ends and the family minhagim/chumrot/narishkeit begins.

  3. That's how they want it, you know, keep you on the outside.