Sunday, January 16, 2011

What arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre the men looking for?

I was thinking about the first comment on the last post. The woman, teacher, was sent to a married lady "expert" was to make her over. She says, "I was pressured to buy very pricey designer label tighter tops and skirts all in black with metallic accessories."

This got me thinking. I guess the idea is that men would be attracted to women with money (and a lack of senses to manage it responsibly). The thing is that I've always heard that it's the WOMEN who are looking for money and the men who are looking for looks and youth. Am I missing something? What do you all think?


  1. Of COURSE the men are looking for money. Who do you think is supposed to fund all the years of coffee and basketball at BMG Lakewood?

  2. Ok, but the other Jewish men? Modern men?

  3. "The men" you are referring to are seen as some type of homogenous group.

    Incorrect. Maybe a lot of men are superficial....maybe most men want sex...and maybe a lot aren't particularly spiritual.

    That may all be true, but I would think that the real goal of dating is to allow oneself to view each person INDIVIDUALLY.

    If more people did that -- instead of immediately using the standard labels ("Frum but not-so-machmir", or "Wears black hat, but not in the casinos", or "Plastic Tablecloth User", etc.) -- then I think the singles world would be a lot better off.


  4. You're expecting the men to be logical. They want it all...

    No seriously, I don't think it's "oh she wears designer clothes, she must be rich"; it's just "ooh those clothes got my attention ..."