Saturday, May 28, 2011

Abstract from my paper on Jewish modesty

In the Orthodox Jewish world, how a woman dresses frequently makes its way into the discussions of many Sabbath tables, blogs, lectures, books, magazine/newspaper articles and more. What, statistically analyzed, are these women’s standards of modesty or tznius, as it is in Hebrew? Across the spectrum of Orthodox Judaism, how do women dress tzanuah? This study endeavors to discover that. This study is based on the analysis of a long questionnaire answered by one hundred and eighty-three Orthodox Jewish women throughout the world. There were both quantitative and qualitative questions included in the online survey. Mostly, the women are dressing according to the prescribed norms. Sleeves cover the elbows and a skirt covers the knees. However, there are some exceptions, mostly from the “rebellious” Modern Orthodox Liberal group. The exact specifics could be useful to the manufacturers and retailers of clothing with Orthodox Jewish women as their main target consumer.

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