Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making healthier food choices

So, I recently wrote a post about how to lose weight. Now I want to get into some practical applications of how to go about this...

Instead of Potato kugel..........                                   have a baked or boiled potato (I like boiled, baked is too dry) and remember to either peel or clean the skin because the skins are very dirty.

Instead of only one vegetable                                    eat two or three
I usually have constructed a "meal" as a meat, a potato or noodles, and one vegetable. Now, I either make two or three vegetables or a large amount of one. Either way, I bulk up on the veggies because they have lots of nutrients and not so much calories. I like fresh but I try to make sure I have frozen for those time when I haven't gotten to the store, like now because I'm sick.

cookies, cakes and other fat pills                                 You should avoid as much as you can stand
You also don't want to snap and eat a lot of them, so maybe you want to have an occasional cookie. It's good to find some new things to eat. I find that I like chocoalate so my cookies, cakes and other fat pills were chocoalate. I recently found cocoa roasted almonds at Rite Aid. They were on sale buy one get one free, regular price 6.99 for a 10 oz container. They are so yummylicious. They have a hint of chocolate but they are packed with nutrients. If anyone wants to get me a graduation gift, get me a can of these!

Another idea is to snack on nuts but mix in some chocoalate chips to curb your sweet tooth. It's not great, but it's about making a healthier choice than just eating a fat pill.  Fruit is, of course, a nice healthy option. The problem with that is that it carries this stigma, "I am eating healthy" and this can turn you off from the food when you first start trying to eat better.

Bamba is actually really healthy. It has 25% of a daily need for Iron. I like Bamba and fruit together, like apples or bananas. Of course, it's not as healthy as fruit but if you have a mental block that keeps you from eating healthy, it's a great place to start.

When you make eggs, instead of frying them in butter or grease, make soft-boiled eggs. You still get that gooey wet egg appeal. You boil them about 5 and a half to 6 minutes. They get dropped right into the boiling water (+salt) and scooped out of boiling water. I don't recommend less than 5 and half minutes because then they are even softer and very hard to peel resulting in shells in your eggs, gross. I always put them from the pot of boiling water into cold water first. Add some salt and pepper and eat it with some toasted challah. It's very good.

Ok, I will write more about this another day...


  1. No potato kugel? But... what do I put into my chicken soup?

  2. Well, my soup doesn't have ROOM for Potato kugel because I load it up with carrots, celery, onions and maybe one more thing. This week I put a handful of rice in. I've also put green beans or corn in, in the past.

    you could put potatos in.

  3. You could also add some parsnip into the chicken soup batch.

    Or why not make Matzoh Ball Soup? Soup in itself is quite filling. Alternatively potato kugel always work well served with Brisket plus an additional side of vegetables in my opinion.

    Then again why not try potato and spinach kugel?

  4. I do make chicken soup with parsnip. I blogged about it before.

  5. My comment was in response towards Ben remark as to what ingredients he should add into his chicken soup.

    Michal you ought to do more food entries.