Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Candid camera with a twist: Israel

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  1. Hmmmm.... I wonder what my opinion is on this. I can believe that there are many Arabs living in Israel who would love for nothing more than just to live in peace, the question is how many? In America it's fairly easy to look at Arabs as without suspicion because it's a minority of a minority of a minority that's out to get us. In Israel I don't think you can make that argument. There are plenty of Arabs who would be personally willing to participate in killing a Jew. Therefore, is it appropriate to fear Arabs? I'd say yes. If you're going to argue that she looks so innocent, the 7-year old girl leading her classmates in death chants (if you look on YouTube long enough you could probably find it) also looked sweet and innocent before she opened her mouth.

    It's very admirable that there are Israelis out there who react the way we saw, but I wonder if it'll come back to bite us. There were plenty of Jew-loving Polish and Germans in pre-war Europe........

    I'm not saying that Israelis shouldn't sell to Arabs, but for the other customers to have reacted as strongly as they did? Hmmm.....