Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another survey, this one for a classmate

Hi, as you all know, I did a survey for my research class. Besides my own Jewish survey for women on Tznius, my classmate, a guy is doing a survey on Jewish books. It seems he still needs responses. His standard promotional schtick appears below:


I'm a student working on a market research project analyzing the use of Jewish/Hebrew/Seforim books. This study will help me learn how and when you use of Jewish books in the home, at the place you pray, the community at large and during your time away on vacation, business or holiday. This will help me with my project at hand, so please be as honest as possible.
To make matters clear, Jewish books include but are not limited to:
Prayer Books
Torah, Talmud, Mishna, etc.
Jewish subject books
English/Yiddish/Hebrew, etc.
Poems, Novels, Fiction, Inspiration, Biographies, etc.
Holocaust, Israel, European Jewry, etc.
All Male and Female Jewish books
Children and Adult's books
Rule of Thumb: If you can find it in a Jewish library or place of prayer, its Jewish!

The Survey
I created a survey online that should only take you about five minutes to complete. The link below is a short link that will directly link you to the much longer link when you click on it.
Please note: The last section for the survey is completely optional. There is no need to add your contact information (name or email), but if you want to learn more about this project please do so. We will never sell your information to anyone, ever.

Please fill it out and pass along to your family and friends.
Please Email

Also, I would appreciate it if you would forward the survey link ( to any other Jewish adults whom you know that may also be interested in participating. If you have access to other online Jewish groups (no specific denomination required) and can post it there, thank you so much.

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to complete this form:

Thank you

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