Thursday, May 21, 2009

FAKE CNN Poll: Don't help the Palestinians make money

There is a poll going around. I've had the link Emailed to me a couple times. They say it's a
CNN poll and Israel is falling behind. Every time people mail it out they say, "we better vote and get Israel ahead." I've heard that we should vote over and over again. Did anyone happen to notice that CNN's logo is not on thee page anywhere? In fact, on the page itself, NOWHERE does it state that the poll is put out by CNN. CNN is not in the web address.

This poll is put out by an individual. It's more or less a blog, like this. Don't you see all those ads by Google put all over the page. Someone said to me, "well it can't hurt to vote." Yes, it can because the maker of the site (no doubt Palestinian) makes money for every click on the site. So, the more you go, the more this person makes money.

This person is laughing the way to the bank... and you helped.

Money photograph upload from flickr. Username Pfala:

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