Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What should Isreal do with all the Russians?


Neeman: I'll appoint dozens of former IDF chaplains to conversion courts

Just to recap: the big issue is that there are alllllllll these patrolineage almost Jews and even some non-Orthodox conversions from overseas who are in Israel. So they aren't in the Arab society. Of course not, they are a part of the Jewish world in Israel. Tiny problem, while they are more Jewish than anything else, they AREN'T Jewish. So, the solution Israel came up with was to hand them conversions that they didn't earn. This is why alllll these other conversions needed to be overturned.

I'm not sure this was the right solution. However, I can't really come up with any good situation. Is it fair that someone who grows up knowing nothing other than Jewish as their religion becomes someone with no religion at all? You hear Jewish people say, what is your mother? You are what your mother is.

However, other religions have other criteria for being a part of it. The Catholic religion requires confirmation. I know someone who she and her husband had to go through confirmation to get married. The various protestant religion each require stuff like this. I think being baptized is also important.

The point is what should Israel do with these people? Is it fair to ask them to become Chareidi? I saw a blog poster suggest that they be given green cards (legal residency) instead of citizenship. I think that would only lead to the same problem we have now.

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