Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Pope Is A Dope

Inspired by this blog post and comments:

So, I was reading my friend's blog and this guy comments about how the Jews weren't so nice to the pope when he came to Israel. He says we're the laughing stock on the Catholic blogs. One of the Catholic blog posts is here:

This is just more outrageous stirring of anti-semitism. For starters, the Pope has been encouraging Catholics to pray for the conversion of Jews to Catholicism.Just google: conversion Judaism without quote and look at the recent articles.

The pope did not come to Israel on a friendly mission to the Jews. First, he wanted to protest a museum display. The display was in regards to someone's anguish that they felt the world, including the Catholics and their leader, was kicking the Jews when they were down during the Shoah.

Furthermore, it seems like the pope came on a friendly mission to the Arabs, not the Jews. If one considers that the Palestinians are a threat to the Jewish state of Israel, it seems to make perfect sense that we may not be overly welcoming to the Pope in these circumstances. In the picture above, you see where the pope's loyalties lie. That is the Palestinians army, not the Israeli one.

I feel the need to remind people that the Arabs spent several months firing Qassams missiles into Israel. While Hamas did announce an immediate ceasefire back in January, there were quite a few missiles that did make come into Israel proper. An average of almost 9 rockets per day were fired at Israel in 2008. Many schools were hit. Israeli children were injured. Where was this in the news?


  1. Between the Holocaust and now electing a former Hitler youth as the new Pope, I'm not surprised.

  2. I see so being rude and obnoxious is now a Jewish virtue. To borrow a line from Robert Golman, an emotionally intelligent person would have simply been polite to Herr Ratzinger during his visit but I reckon that's beyond you Michal!

  3. WRPN,
    If someone came to your house and continually made glowing remarks about someone who murdered your family members... how do yout think you'd feel? Do you think there's a chance they might end up finding you rude?

  4. Why doesn't the Pope read the Bible?
    The land of Israel was given to a certain people that still study and obey this bible. Most people would call those people the Jews.
    Maybe he thinks the koran is the bible...(in that case he should be an Iman and not the Pope)

  5. That's hilarious. I love it, Anonymous.