Monday, May 18, 2009

Rebuttal to blog post regarding conversion

I'm about to submit this to the comments for this page I found (I don't know what will happen after I submit it. Perhaps, they will find me too controversial and refuse to post it:

I don't think it's true that anyone in the Orthodox world has uniform standards. What I find (from speaking to a number of converts and those in the process) is that standards are lower if you have some patrolineage, Jewish spouse/ significant other/previous non-Orthodox conversion. This is true whether you are in Israel or the US whether you deal with an EJF beis din or an RCA beis din.

I think it's pretty disrespectful and presumptious of EJF to state that their conversions are somehow better than RCA conversions. Furthermore, if they are an organization set up to deal with intermarrieds, how come they are consistently dealing with single people?

Finally, it's interesting that EJF should state that you can't "revoke" a conversion when they are the ones famous in the conversion world for "revoking" a woman's conversion because she wore pants. I will, however, agree that I've seen some poorly done conversions. Although, I have seen this from both EJF conversions and RCA conversions.

*Photo from flickr: Uploaded on August 30, 2008 by zeevveez

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