Monday, May 18, 2009

More EJF vs. RCA...

I just submitted this to:

Another point to be made is that not all RCA batai dayanim are in the same classification as what discussed above.

I recognize that they are talking about Rabbi Avi Weiss at one point. This is Orthodox rabbi as close to Conservative, as you can get. He pushes the envelope. What is my point? He is, by far, not representative of the entire Orthodox world.

People like Rabbi Tropper want the world to be black and white. He has made accusations about all RCA rabbis and batai dayanim based on the most controverial rabbi. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the RCA continues to include this rabbi just to annoy Tropper.

On a more serious note, I'm sure the RCA could nit pick apart the EJF conversions. Actually, I know of a woman who converted through them in about six months. If the RCA ever converted someone in six months, EJF would be on that story like white on rice.

Finally, I'm sure you're curious, as to who I am, what my story is and from where I get some of this information.

I made my giyur through an RCA beis din just before Rosh HaShanah. At my first meeting with this beis din, I was grilled by about ten gray bearded rabbis (maybe one didn't have a beard or the beard was salt and pepper-you get the idea, though.) At the second meeting, I was grilled by about six rabbis. I had two rabbis speaking on my behalf.

I haven't celebrated Xmas or Easter in about ten years. I have not worn pants since October of 2007. I do not wear low cut or elbow-revealing shirts. I have not had a TV in over two years. I would say that my good friends don't have a TVs. Most of these friends are kollel wives. I am shomer negiah. As you can postulate, I'm not the example of an RCA convert they would like to hear about in order to rip RCA apart.

I am knowledgeable about what is being done in conversions, as I have a Yahoo discussion group. I have 40 women who are either converting or have converted. I am a member of another Yahoo group with sixty something members and I used to be a member or a large group that promotes EJF conversions. Additionally, I have spoken to conversion candidates not included above. I would say that I have spoken to about seventy converts or candidates or more.
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