Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There was a lot of Obama stuff in the paper this weekend

So, I read the paper over Shabbos. I have yet failed to blog about it.

They were discussing Obama. In one article (Face to Face), the author seemed to think that Obama was on Israel's side because the issue of whether or not Iran will build nuclear weapons. I guess the idea is that if everyone is against Iran together it's better. I suppose that's better than nothing. However, it seems like this is not an ideal situation either, as it doesn't seem like such a stable allyship.

In the other article (Making It Harder To Buy A New Car) that discussed Obama, they were talking about the domestic automobile dealerships. It seems Obama is behind some restructuring that's going on in the auto dealership world. These domestic dealers each closed down a percentage of their dealerships. The funny thing is that the main branch doesn't gain or lose anything with an auto dealership. They are franchises. This will hurt the American auto industry and push more business to the foreign auto dealers. Therefore this will further hurt the economy. They explained in the article that Obama's people pressured the auto companies to do this. Ford didn't receive was GM and Crysler received, so they are not part of this.

Then I opened up the goyishe free paper (Metro, P. 4) and Obama was being criticized there because he wants terrorism suspects in the prison on the US mainland instead of in a prison at the US naval base on Guantanamo bay, Cuba.

On the same page in the goyishe Metro, there was an article about the restructuring at GM. The focus in the Metro's mini article is not on the effect on the dealerships but the fact that they will cut labor costs. I think this means they want to cut labor. I see here they're offering retiree health care insentive... the crown jewel of a bad economy and union job elimations through early retirements. Well, ain't that as American as apple pie?

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