Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh, Bomb us, is helping his people that he claims are not his people

I'm disgusted with all this pity on the "Palestinians." Now our government is giving them assistance and considering them victims. Have our senators gone mad? Shouldn't they know better after NINE-ELEVEN? Shouldn't they realize that the Arabs are not our friends. Look at their track record. I guess the rest of the world just misses the fact that they were relentlessly sending Qassams, which are rockets, into Israel.

It seems to have been forgotten that Israel owns the land, not the persons from Gaza. The land was owned by Britain and they allowed Israel to be settled by the Jewish people. At some point, Israel sectioned that part of their country off for the people who had previously had the nation. However, this is not good enough.

Hat tip to someone named Zev Isaacs to sending this to the Yated "Readers write" section (p.126)

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