Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chareidi vs. ??? conversions...

In this article, they hint that non-chareidi conversions are lax. BALANCE, people! There is a difference between Modern Orthodox and Reform despite what these people think and would have yout think.

Well, anyhow, the point of this article is that Rabbi Amar is asserting his power as chief rabbi over Israel (Sephardic). The author of the article hints that it's because of Sherman's outspoken overturn of conversions.

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  1. In my expereinces reform and modox hashkafa are very similair and the only difference is that one applies more level of observance. Still though they have a warped sense of what it means to be a Jew and what Judaism teaches. The fact that they call themselves "modern" orthodox says everything. They are more modorn then orthodox. They put the goyisha "modern" society before "orthodox" Torah. Modox is just a lesser degree of comprimising Torah for western societies norms and values. Take Ivanka Trump for instance, she is converting modox and they have already set the date of her wedding. Funny it is only a year after she started her conversion. And do you really think that she is converting for the right reasons? I dont think so! You think she will know all the 613 mitzvot? I dont think so... You think she will have even a basic understanding? lol please! Rabbi Angel and Weiss who apply this new age " open orthodox" who are becoming pure apikorsis. They are all but in cherem by most Orthodox circles. But they have wealthy backers like TRUMP who spread their ideologies. Of course it doesnt surprise me that most converts want the easy road. But guess what the best things in this world with greatest reward are the things you have to work the hardest for... The greater effort and work the more your merit! a NY Jew