Monday, June 29, 2009

Query, waiting for an answer...

People are still discussing this link. Incidentally, if you look at the comments on this post, you will see that this "query yid" states, "When you are interested or not I am sincerely sorry for how you’ve been treated. And I never said I would justify how you or anyone else was treated but I can explain WHY! And the WHY is halachicly based and practiced by the majority of Orthodox!"

So Query Yid, I'm still waiting for this halachic reason to be downright nasty to someone who has already converted. Perhaps, this Query Yid is talking about those who are still in the process. If you're talking about dissuasion, that should not apply to someone who is already converted. I guess you're using a different Torah because the Jewish Torah says to love the ger over and over and over and over again.


  1. Michal,

    What should I say to you? I questioned whether I should dignify you with a response when you insulted me numerous times. You want me to be your dancing puppet when I don’t dance. But I find myself responding anyhow because I don’t want bitter waters to poison Israel. There isn’t any reason why there can’t be peace between us. I think you have misplaced anger; I haven’t treated you poorly, nor have I spoken badly about converts. And while I do think that ger tzedeks are too far and few between these days I don’t reject converts outright. Here is a good example of a convert I accept.

    So if you want we can have a civil conversation with me im open for it. If you don’t want to learn the other side of the story then I don’t think we have anything further to discuss. Look forward to your response.


    The Query Yid

  2. You claimed you had a reason why it's halachically acceptable to be mean to someone who has converted. You're saying that it's because many converts aren't sincere?

    Now, there you might have a point. I have seen way too many converts who are obviously not sincere. On my group, I have some really great girls. However, I have met some others at meals and such. I don't really want to post more details than that.

    Incidentally, Query, first-have you read my blog? Do you feel I'm not a good and sincere convert?

    I'm going to point out, if you read my blog, you will see that even though I'm friends with Aliza, I have very different hashkafic outlook than she does. Most of my friends are yeshivish. Two of my three rabbis are black hats.