Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama making nice with the Muslims

Well, it was all over the goyisha free paper today that Obama is trying to make nice with the Muslims. I looked around on the train and I saw a bunch of these papers being read. It's funny, Obama was just saying that he was on our side a couple weeks ago because he fears Iran. Jews who don't already know need to start realizing he is not good for us.

Ok, I just looked over two articles about his speech. It seems as though he was very vague. Although, it did say he calls for us to give up some of our land to the Palestinians. What do they call that? A two state solution? Uh, huh... we'll see, solution... Hey, maybe the US should give Alaska to the Palestinians! No, they won't like the weather... Hawaii... let's give Hawaii to the Arabs.... I'm trying to make point....

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