Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Barak HUSEIN Obama is not even talking to Israel

Thanks to fellow blogger, Aliza "Jewiminicana" Hausman, I just read this article I want to share with my readers.


In the article, it's pointed out, why should we listen to Obama when he's making demands? He's over there talking to the Arabs and making nice with them. He's not making nice with the Jews. Oh, yes, he went to a Holocost museum.... which totally misses the mark. I divurge with the author of the article when he says American Jews like this and Israeli Jews don't. Perhaps, this is true of lesser affiliated types, but, I think the Orthodox world is more closely tied to Israel than that. Everyone seems to know people who've made aliyah. Most Orthodox Jews have family who have made aliyah. The Shabbos tables buzz with pro-Israel discussions. Sometimes a comment is made about how, "well Obama did visit that shoah museum," -dramatic trail off with the most pronounced eyeroll!

However, it is true that Obama thinks that he can appeal to the Israelis this way. Yes, he's definately off the mark. Although, I will say we are more different than Israelis in the importance of money and stature in the American society versus the Israeli society. Ah, but, this is a whole 'nother can of worms and thus, perhaps, I will blog about this another time.... like when I'm not running off to my job that's not good enough in America....

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