Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obnoxious questions don't a shidduch make...

Friday afternoon while I was on my way to where I was going for Shabbos, I got a
shidduch call from shadchan. She gave the guy my number and he called me
immediately. (Incidentally, what is with people arranging a shidduch within two
hours of Shabbos, seems innappropriate to me.)

When this guy called me, he wanted to know everything right there on the phone.
Excuse my ignorance, but isn't a guy supposed to check my references instead of
ask me questions? Furthermore, he kept asking me REPEATEDLY what families I eat
by in my own neighborhood and I told him, I go away for Shabbos.

Is there some rule that if people in your own neighborhood don't host meals for
people that I'm not observant or something? Someone thinks that he wants to see
if I know how to prepare for Shabbos. However, it seems to me that the answers
to these questions don't indicate anything. I know conversion candidates and
"BT's" who eat by people but, don't keep anything at home and don't know how to
make a Shabbos. The only way someone knows how to make Shabbos, is if they host
people themself. The bulk of Shabbos preparation comes with the cooking.

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  1. This post is my ultimate reason why I haven't given up on online dating just yet - my fear of shidduch dating. It seems like a meat market!