Monday, August 3, 2009

You’re an actress, right? I thought you were an actress?

Tonight, I went to a friend’s birthday party and I was asked this by a mutual friend who knew me when I was much earlier in my conversion to Judaism and I was still toying with the idea of doing both.

I am frequently asked about whether or not I miss acting. Yes, I really do. I always felt completely natural on stage or in front of a crowd. People always tell me I have such a great personality and how I would have been great for comedy. In fact, one of my teachers did tell me I was “cut out perfectly for comedy.” Actually, everyone in my old acting class told me that I was made for comedy.

Unfortunately though, you can't do both. Practices and performances are on Shabbos. Costumes are not tznius. Dressing rooms are co-ed. Beyond that, some say that women shouldn't perform plays onstage with men or sing in front of men.

I have done some public speaking engagements. Perhaps, I will try that avenue again. Until then, I blog, therefore I am. Oh, blogger! Oh, blogger! Wherefore art thou blogger?

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