Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nu, what has Michal been up to?

Nu, Michal hasn't posted since Thursday. Where, oh where could she be?

On Wednesday morning on the way to work, my bike tire went flat. The brakes were not so good and I had already decided that after the summer ended, I would throw the bike out. So, when the tire went flat, I wasn't going to fix it. I bought a new bike on Thursday. I had work on Friday, leaping into Shabbos in Brooklyn.

This morning, I got up earlier to fight crowds (the ones I thought I would beat at 8am) at the laundromat. Then I ran some erranda and I went to the Frum Satire show tonight. Then I came home and I've been catching up on my Facebook page, Email, blog comments from poop and well now you are up to speed.

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