Monday, August 17, 2009

Nice little conversion story...

I just ran across this cute little conversion story. I see that she is from Western NY, which is where I am from. I wonder if she is also from Buffalo. It doesn't say if she is from Buffalo or Rochester, which are the two cities in "Western NY." However, there are a lot of Catholics in Buffalo. Actually, my mother had a strict Catholic upbringing, but if you've read this blog or you know me, you know that I was NOT raised as a strict Catholic, AT ALL. Hahahah, I saw my mother in church for maybe a wedding or a christening, not even the holidays.

Also, this woman is a cat lover and the girls in JCO (my group, Jewish Conversion Orthodox), we like cats. When an inquiry was put out by a meetup host on cat allergies, one of the women told one of the other girls, "I'm allergic to people who don't have cats!" Hehehe, I like that line.

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