Sunday, August 30, 2009

The blog will be hankering down some...

I just want to give my blog readers a heads up that the blog will be hankering down.

Tomorrow, yours truly ventures back into the world of books and learning. She will make the trek twice a week to the hallowed halls of Brooklyn College to learn the ins and outs of business and marketing. Your blogwriter has been out of college for more than a decade, unless you count the school in the Army (US Army, that is). This still, was completed in October of 1999, so yeah, it's still about a decade. This time, my financial barriers are out of the way. I will finish. I will get me a ed-juh-muh-Kay-shun. Most importantly, I want that paper that says BACHELORS DEGREE.

So, since I doubt my readers want to be bored with blogposts about accounting principles and the various styles of management, I will be blogging less.

Guest posts are always welcomed! My Email address is in my profile.

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  1. I'll make sure to email if I have anything interesting to share.