Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vox Populi, we're done here

Listen buddy, I'm not going to sit here and argue with some gentile who does their research on WIKIPEDIA. Wikipedia is not exactly reliable.

The reality is that Israel belongs to the Jews. The Arabs keep moving in from the other Arab lands. I don't understand why they want our land so bad, the Arabs were not able to make anything grow in the land. I'm sure, I will be told that I am lying. This is the point. The US media keeps telling the same false story over and over again and eventually, they will believe it. Nations and governments change hands. That's the way it works. Israel no longer belongs to the Arabs. The official language is HEBREW in those lands.

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  1. "Nations and governments change hands. That's the way it works."- The Ottomans weren't Arabs anyway (i.e. Israel wasn't under "Arab" rule for a long while, and the Arabs themselves, like the Western Europeans (for example the British in Israel) were just a conquering nation. The native, non-Jewish inhabitants of "Palestine" were not "Arabs" (just as the natives of Iraq are not "Arabs"). Countries like Palestine and Iraq were "colonies" of the Saudi Arabs in the same way America and Australia were colonies of the British.