Monday, September 21, 2009

How was YOUR Rosh Hashanah?

So, I was just reading something online where they were saying that people complain that they go to services and no one is friendly. I have to tell you all. I davened at a yeshivah and the women were astonishingly friendly. Although, that may have something to do with the fact that I was sorta with someone who is from the shul. She and I were not able to sit together. However, I think that if you go to a place like where I was last year, even if people were friendly during the year... the place I was at last year, they aren't friendly during the year but, the point is that it was packed for the holidays and normally there's no one there, so who's going to be friendly to someone who's obviously just coming for the holiday. At the yeshivah, they, at first asked me if I had moved in to the neighborhood. People don't just go and daven at a yeshiva when they aren't observant.

I had two of my meals by my rabbi who just moved into the neighborhood where I often go for holidays and Shabbosos. I had another meal by another couple I know. The remaining meal I had with my other rabbi and rebbetzin with whom I was staying. I also know his parents and sister. I've met his in-laws, too. So, they are sort of my adoptive Jewish family. I played ball with the kids on Sunday afternoon.

I hope my readership, also had a lovely Rosh HaShanah.


  1. Good post. I'm glad you got to stuff your face heartily :)

  2. Nice to read that you had a friendly start of the year.