Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Interesting encounter at school today...

The funny thing about not looking Jewish is that people don't realize I'm Jewish, especialy on a cold day. On a hot day, when I'm wearing sleeves, that tips things off.

The girl sitting next to me in Accounting today didn't have her book, she was looking on mine and we're chatting a little here and there. So, we're walking out of class and she says she came from upstate to go to school at Brooklyn College... Where? Buffalo? I'm from Buffalo. No way! Yadda yadda... so she tells me where she lives and I was like, "oh, you should have found something below the school. That area is mostly Jews and it's really quiet." Her response, "oh, my dad doesn't like Jews." Uh, huh...

I think if she talks to me, I'll have to tell her she can't be friends with me.... It's totally weird because up until that minute we were so much alike. When she said that, I just REALLY had to get to the Hillel and get my food there instead of the kosher counter in the cafeteria....


  1. Well, it could be she meant he doesn’t like people who are ‘racially’ Jewish (but he doesn’t hate the religion), so he’d be ok with you.. ...people confuse the two too much, I think..

  2. Possibly, but it definitely surprised me. Also, the funny thing was that if her father wanted her living someplace waspy... well, she's living on the other side of Brooklyn College which is NOT WASPY. Hahahha, she shouldn't have come to Brooklyn if she wanted waspy. Wasps are quite the minority at Brooklyn College.

  3. Going out of your way not to be friends with her seems less than ideal. If you spent time with her maybe she'd be less likely to lose any residual prejudices she has.

    It seems like a strange comment to make. If she doesn't have an issue that it isn't her fault that he family is anti-Semitic.