Sunday, September 6, 2009

Satmars on the internet!!!! NO WAY!!! Only to trash Israel...

Yes, way! I came in here to blog some thoughts I had over Shabbos. Well, I find me in the comments a Satmar who says I'm not a real Jew because I believe in Israel... surprise surprise... not really. I thought Satmars weren't supposed to be on the internet any way? I see they this website that this apikores posted in my comments is backed by Satmar rabbis. Their Zip code is 11211, which is, of course Williamsburg otherwise known as Satmarland. For an Orthodox Jew in the know, I'm not surprised the Satmars have up such anti-Israel schtus.


  1. Nice1 blog Michal keepem coming.

  2. Thank you.... I have lots of stuff in the archives, too.