Thursday, September 3, 2009

The law of the road is still the law

Coming home on my bicycle, was a particularly interesting experience today. I pulled out of a driveway and see someone driving the wrong way down a one way street. I made it to the grocery store... I ran in to buy my stuff. I came out and some old guy wearing a yammy, slowed down and then stopped just after an open spot. I figure he was looking for a parking spot and was going to park there. When I went to pass him, he started going so I was stuck in the middle of the street in traffic until he turned two blocks later. Then I turn the corner and I'm at a light in the bike lane. Someone cuts in front of me with his car and sits in the bike lane rolling backward a couple times. I put my feet on the ground and knocked on their trunk. I'm terrible, right? A car does not get to go into the bike lane, sorry. I also saw some skateboarders going into traffic on the street. They belong on the sidewalk or maybe with traffic on the side. The topper is that I can't even tell you how many bicyclists I've seen breaking the rules. The popular one is running red lights. Yes, that's right, a biker is supposed to stop at the red light with cars. In fact, a bicyclist is supposed to follow the same rules as a car.

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  1. That's just trifling! I would've done the same thing but toss in some choice words.