Monday, September 7, 2009

People: cutthroat at the core...

Over Shabbos I had two incidents of thoughts about how people can get. The first incident was when I was reading a book about Emotional Intelligence. Ok, I didn't read the whole book but, I picked it up and skimmed it. There were various discussions about survival.

Then Shabbos morning in shul, I got bored during the Torah reading. My eyes landed on the English right where it talks about people will eat their children when it comes down to survival. Interestingly enough, the rabbi at that shul was honing in on that very same part of the parshah. Although, he was saying something about it being a prophesy of the shoah and well, my ADHD was back in season so, I missed it.

Anyhow, I just wanted to take a minute to say that people really do step on each other. As children growing up, we're taught by our parents and teachers to think that someone else didn't mean it and such. No, they really do. I just want to say what others don't dare to say as it isn't politically correct. Screw politically correct.

Some people out there are just NOT good, nice people.

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  1. Totally agree!! I actually just put up a new blog post with parenting advice and I speak to this to NOT trample all over your kids feelings and to NOT be a pushover who capitulates to everyone else!! Not healthy! Some people really do just suck!