Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Obama is putting a muslim in the White House

Please read this article:

Now, my Obama-supporting Jewish friends, do you STILL think Oh bomb uh is good for the Jews. Scratch that. THE CURRENT US PRESIDENT IS NO GOOD FOR THE NATION. Please spread the word.


  1. Michal,

    I am not an American although I have always supported the Republican Party as an economic and social conservative. I felt that during the last elections, the Republican candidates and party as a whole were the better party for the Jews and Israel. My opinion has still not changed.

    In light of my disproval of Obama, I find that this post breeds nothing but prejudice and intolerance. There is no harm in Obama putting a Muslim in the White House. Fact remains a large portion of America is Muslim, not all are radicals.

    Obama is no good for the nation, but not for the simple fact that he has a colleague who is a Muslim. The problems with Obama run much deeper than this overt prejudice.