Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Inspired by the "frum stripper" and comments....

It was stated that, "Orthodox Judaism has sexual undertones."

Just because Orthodox Jewish girls go running around in these tight skirts above the knees with a slit halfway up to their you know what crack in the back doesn't mean it's the Orthodox Judaism that has the sexual undertones.

Humans, more men than women, are sexually driven and Orthodox Jews twist and bend the rules that are supposed to deal with that into what they want. Unfortunately, wearing a revealing sexy tight skirt is more ok than pants in the Orthodox world.

It is unfortunate that rabbis don't speak out more about this. Seriously, there is so much emphasis on wearing skirts and dresses only for Jewish women that no one speaks out about the kind of skirts that are being sold in stores like Junees and Elzees which are "Jewish" clothing stores and yet these skirts are not proper attire for a good Jewish girl.


  1. I completely agree!!!!

    As a Jewish guy, it's sad and really quite pathetic that I have to watch my eyes around frum girls and women as much as I do around Non-Jews. Whether it's at a simcha, Shabbos meal, or just walking through the streets in any (most) Jewish neighborhoods, it's the Jews that are dressed in sexier clothing than their non-Jewish counterparts. Maybe not as revealing, but on the 'sexy' level, it's despicably high.

    It's ironic how in all the yeshivos, and I've been in quite a few, the rebbeim stress how important sh'miras ainayim is, looking at goyim, blah blah blah. Yet, it really isn't the goyim we need to be worried about!

    I have many issues with my education and the yeshiva education as well. Unfortunately, now I have one more thing to add to my list; the girl's education. Something is terribly wrong if we're seeing such a propogation of Jewish women dressed immodestly.

    A complete revamping of the education system is necessary, nay, crucial, to the spiritual well-being of the Jewish people.

  2. I knew I'd mess up that word lol.. Propagation.. That's what I get for commenting at 6:53 in the morning.