Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When someone's your FB friend, glance their INFO before you ask questions

So, I went back to college. After spending almost a decade working, serving in the US Army and hoping to get the chance to go back to school, the barriers removed themselves and here I am. I am a 33, almost 34 year old in college with 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and even 22 year olds. There's just one catch: I look astonishingly young for my age. I've been asked if I was a freshman, not kidding. So, I tell people I'm a transfer and I, of course, assume that they think all along that I came straight from another school.

Now, as a Jewish girl, I'm hanging out in the Hillel. I mean Brooklyn College actually has it's own Hillel building complete with a fleishig kosher cafeteria. So, one day I'm sitting there studying after I had already eaten lunch. The group of people near me started talking to me. One of them gave me his name and I friended him on Facebook. Later on, I searched his friends for the other name I remembered and I friended her. Now, this guy has been popping me IMs and saying hello to me like crazy. Ok, maybe not like crazy, but, enough that I thought it was interesting. The only thing is that he DID have access to my age. If he looked at my FB profile, he would have seen it. Also, it's connected to this blog, which, I guess he didn't bother to look at, as my age is most clearly given in my profile. Now, I'm laughing. I bet he hasn't a clue that I'm a gyoress, either. Information that he has such easy access to. if only he had looked.

Oh, but, how did I discover he didn't know my age or hadn't looked at my profile, right?

Well, I was in the Hillel today reading my boring MicroEconomics textbook before my even more boring M/E class. He saw me, he came over, he started asking me questions. I mentioned that my instructor for my M/E class is young and probably younger than me. Well, he starts telling me about an instructor he has. He says to me, "he's probably our age." I said, "maybe your age but, I'm 12 years older than you." He stopped. He said something like, "you're not 34." I said, "almost, next month." His eyes popped out. His jaw hit the floor. He just kinda walked away and he stayed away. I was just chuckling and chuckling and chuckling....


  1. You cougar, you! :D

  2. "His jaw hit the floor."

    My same reaction!

  3. Hipplayer,
    When I met you or just now when you read this? I think that it came out that Shabbos, didn't it? I can swear you thought I was younger than my friend that I was with that Shabbos night.

  4. That was my reaction when we first met! Such an astonishing revelation. There is such a youthful & playful air about you! ;-) Funny story though.

  5. I think that at the end of the day you should take it as a compliment.

  6. Really though, it's a compliment to Hashem, not me.