Saturday, January 16, 2010

An article about EJF that confirms what I've been saying LONG before the scandal

I'm reading this article and it is exactly what I've been posting all along on the various blogs, in particular, Emes V'Emunah.

This article states in no uncertain terms that what should happen is that there should be TRAINING for conversion mentors.... hmmmm where have you all heard that before? RIGHT HERE, on MY blog....

I also emphasized that what isn't being done by anyone is having a comprehensive training for those who work with pre-converts.

I'm looking at the article over at Daas Torah:

And I'm submitting comments...


  1. דניאל בן אברהםJanuary 16, 2010 at 10:23 PM

    Well, whaddya know? You don't have to be a benighted FFB or a big rabbi to have insight into a problem. All you need is a brain and some thinking ability.

  2. The Curmucgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

    Bravo. The trained mentor idea seems sound. The best we can do is to make a reasonable assumption, over a period of time, that the prospective convert is likely to continue keeping the mitzvot and is not mentally ill. S/he must be integrated into a community of some kind, learning, and in a mindset in which s/he is likely to continue to learn. More than that we cannot do.

    None of this would have prevented a couple of the rare Disastrous Failures I have known. Some have responded that the problem was in converting college-age kids, because supposedly they're intrinsically unreliable. Well. if we live in a culture in which people who are old enough to drink, drive, marry, buy a handgun, and sign a legal contract can be considered unstable, we have more serious problems. The problem is not necessarily one of age, but of The Age.

    The best we can do is to get to know one another; to make reasonably certain that those who would join our faith are committed, knowledgeable, posessed of no other religious commitment, and at least beginning to feel one of us.

  3. They need to eliminate all these girls who are converting in hopes of getting married. That's what they need to do. They aren't serious about Judaism enough to convert. They are just looking fro their Jew with monty

  4. Curmudgeonly continues:

    Do you mean converting for purposes of marriage? Because that can be a more murky area than at first appears.
    Many times, the non-Jewish partner is attracted, in part, by the Jewishness of the other; they were already alienated from their former religious affiliation, or were searching. On the other hand, meanwhile, the Jewish partner is attracted by the other's goyishness. The closer the non-Jew comes to Judaism, the more this annoys the Jewish partner, and they can pass each other like 2 ships in the night.

  5. No, I mean girls who want to get married and then after 3 monthes in the process of conversion they are screaming at everyone they want to get converted pronto so they can get married pronto. Meanwhile, they continue to date secular goyim, secular Jews and even a Mormon. They misrepresent themselves to the beis din as someone more religious than they are and when they convert and get that Orthodox certificate... they are off to JDate to find themselves a Jewish man. I don't know, I'm not finding observant men on JDate.

  6. Michaltastik,

    You should forget about JDate. Of course you are not finding observant men there.

    Frumster has gone downhill too over the years.

    You should try Saw You at Sinai and call the Invei Hagefen organization for an interview. I think Invei's # is 718-256-7525.