Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tropper should be treated like he treated gerim...

I was reading the article and comments about Tropper over on 5TJewish Times:

I'm with #3. Converts are guilty until proven innocent beyond reasonable doubt and FFBs are innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

This has GOT to stop!

Also, let's get it out there that Tropper is spewing false support that he doesn't have. Since when did it become Torahdik to lie?
I really think, yes, this is more of the same discussion being had since this started. People want justice and the mainline yeshivah world says he didn't do it. Again, it sickens me the double standard. Over and over again, I must defend myself at people's Shabbos tables and most recently on the Daas Torah blog. I learned, I know, I keep Shabbos, I keep kosher. However, I am consistently put in the position of defending myself and the decision of the rabbis who vouched for me to the beis din and the beis din itself who did convert me.
Yes, there are a lot of insincere gerim who get through. I agree wholeheartedly. This is why I want the rabbis to actually hold by the strict standards they have put out on paper. While it won't prevent people from continuing to have a bias against gerim, it most certainly does not help that there's some truth to what people are thinking. As I have told some other gerim in the Daas Torah comment strings, it is in our best interest that standards are stricter and less insincere gerim get through. When converts are slipping up and saying stuff about how they are converting because they mostly date Jewish men, then, of course, I will be put in the position of defending myself, as a gyoress.
However, it is imperative that if the yeshivah world should reserve their judgement for an FFB, then they should do so for gerim, as well. The polarity of guilt and innocence, seem to be opposite, though. I wish to see a middle ground for judgement of both gerim and those who call themselves rabbi.


  1. דניאל בן אברהםJanuary 24, 2010 at 2:07 PM

    #3 was me. I was too lazy and furious to post a handle/name.

  2. The online conversion world is really small.