Friday, January 8, 2010

Definition: Frum

This is very interesting. I was trying to remember if frum technically meant religious or observant. I originally learned it when I was in the process and I wanted to refresh this. Back then, I would have thought of "religious" and "observant" as the same thing but, nowadays I think of "religious" as someone who looks the part on the outside but, "observant" as someone who actually practices... which is, of course, a different population.

So, here's the wikipedia link:

I like the, "much wickedness and few mitzvos." That sounds like the Chareidi world nowadays, being wrought with scandals and all....

In a colloquial sense, I see people using frum to mean: comfortable to me as an Orthodox Jew... I was in the Hillel and some guy (who's not even a student...) came in asking if they have a job search center in this place. I said, "of course, the magner center." The magner center is with the college, not the Hillel itself. He asked, "is that a frum place?" I was thinking, "technically, this isn't." The Hillel is available to all Jews whether they are observant or not. However, at Brooklyn College where a good fat chunk of the Jewish students are Orthodox, one tends to forget this. So, the Hillel is comfortable for a frum person and it has a kosher fleshig place in it, but, is the Hillel itself frum? No.

Ok, just a pre-Shabbos rant....

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