Sunday, January 24, 2010

Possible sides regarding geirus

There are three options of mindset here:

Which side to you take? There are thre opinions a person can have regarding gerim:

1) All gerim are good and sincere, with pure motives.

2) Some gerim are good and sincere having pure and honest motives. Others have ulterior motives which sometimes they disclose and sometimes they hide from everyone.

3) All gerim/candidates have ulterior motives which sometimes they disclose and sometimes they hide from everyone.

Now, this... post sums up what I've been trying to invoke thought about and then some... It is trouble to stand on #1 or #3. I don't care if you divide the percentages in #2 99% bad and 1% good.. However, HKBH stated that one must love the ger. The very fact that he said this causes logical conclusion (I know that might be hard for some frum Jews) that #3 is NOT a valid halachic option. Those who believe #3 and act on it... Oy... can an FFB finish this for me? They will jump in and say, "who is she to say that this is against the Torah." The Torah asserts the right for gerim to exist.

I beg of the FFBs who see the Truth in this to speak out to the FFBs who do not. Such an FFB will never listen to gerim, themselves or even a BT... then again, they ignore Hashem so, why WOULD they listen....


  1. or, you forget 4)

    The fact whether someone is a GEr or not does not interest me. What interests me is the personality. Some Gerim are nice, others are pains in the ..., but "Ger" is not a criterion when I select friends, companions or shidduchim.

    This is the version I, personally, would prefer.

  2. Those who believe #3 and act on it, are violating several laws in the torah, both those regarding geirim, and those regarding how we should treat every jew!

  3. No kidding, but, if you look over in Daas Torah, the blog, you will see a post up in the last 24 hours defending such a stance. Should I feel better that he hates BTs, too?

  4. Honestly, I've never gotten around to checking out "daas torah" - and don't really feel the urge to do so, considering that from what I've heard the opinions expressed seem to be anything but!