Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where, oh where did the comment go?

There has been some discusion in the comments here on this blog about how the comments over at the Daas Torah blog, seem to disappear.  Someone posted a comment today about "this is an example of a disappearing comment...."

In my comment moderation form on my phone, all that came across was,

"this is an example of a disappearing comment...."
(lost comment)

So, thought the person was being funny. In reality, on my computer, the comment was longer. It was the comment in the post, "Daas Torah commenter demonstrates why I stay home for Shabbos" where someone talks about the Boro Park types getting only a religious marriage. The woman plays poor single mother to the system to get them benefits. Apparently, Daas didn't want to put this comment through.

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