Friday, January 15, 2010


I find that the Jewish community is overflowing with hypocrisy. I was just looking at a reader's list of facebook friends. It revealed so much hypocrisy. On one open profile I just looked at, men with frummy names and pics compliment a hypocritically frum girl's @$$. She states in the comments that she dresses nice and frum where she lives but, she goes into the city dresed like a prostitute. I'm paraphrasing.

WTF? These are the same people who look down at me and other converts to tell us we're not good enough for... oh, EVERYTHING!


  1. I think there's hypocrisy everywhere...but it hurts more when 1) it's us, and 2)we're supposed to be better than that. We have a whole system based on improving ourselves, and living consistent lives...

    BTW, just have to say (since I just started reading this blog, and don't know if there's a better thread to post this to)...I've never heard anyone look down at geirim. I know geirum who are very different from the ultra-orthodox communities that they live in, as far as superficial looks, and as far as I know, they get nothing but respect. When I mentioned my respect and amazement to friends, I get nothing but agreement.

  2. No, it's not those same people. And it's not overflowing, either. It's a small minority. The overwhelming majority are good, decent people...and not looking down on you.

  3. @$$... it's a potty word. Use your imagination.

    Because they treat male converts soooooooooo much better than women. They look on to you guys with less suspicion and I believe they hardly ever grill you at a Shabbos table.

  4. Thanks to the anonymous poster for making me smile...

    And maybe so...but I think we've all been grilled about something or another...

    I still remember when I was staying by a family for shabbos, and their guest was asking me some questions...but when I asked him about his life in return, he responded that "it's a long story, and I'd rather wait till we're all by the table, because I don't want to have to repeat it a bunch of times for each person," and proceeded to continue his interrogation.

    They never DID find his body...

  5. I suppose hypocrisy is strong whenever it is important to appear "morally flawless" to one's society.

    In societies where democracy and human rights are important, hypocrisy will consist in hiding or looking away from human rights abuses (done in the name of a country that signed the charter of human rights).

    In societies where "sexual morals" are important, the lying will be about sexual conduct.

    so the solution is easy: abolish values in a society, and you will have less hypocrisy... This is the solution proposed by the sexual liberation movement, and it works.

  6. Um...Gioret - are you joking? I'm guessing you are, but one never knows...