Tuesday, January 12, 2010



I just read this article, thanks to Harry over at Emes Ve Emunah... I'm putting my comments here in case they don't approve them....

They try to find them a better a job if they can. That's what "working with them" means. I know someone who asked for a scholarship and the rabbis got the housewife a job. Then they gave them scholarship. They refused until she was working.

#10 and Responses to #10: There are numbers between 2 and 7.

Another advantage to making the kollel system smaller is that people should be encouraged to give their tzedakah to schools for the children, not the kollels.

#30- I know so many girls who graduated college and made salaries and got jobs that were not indicative of their degrees. However, some of them eventually did get better jobs. When you don't have a degree, you're more likely to get stuck. Without a degree, I was stuck with many temp agency jobs. I'm now going back for my degree. There are too many jobs I can't even apply for because they want a degree.

36-She's a therapist, right?

40-you forgot about the fancy sheitels...

55-state colleges are cheaper than yeshivah tuition, not to mention there is financial for your bachelor's degree.

One final note where I emphasize that adults should be adults not children (parents shouldn't be supporting their adult children):
Dismiss for this-go ahead, but, I am a convert and I remember one of my pastors discussing that parents shouldn't support their married children. He pointed out that a "man shall LEAVE his father and mother and cleave unto his wife."

A married child has not truly left if their parents are paying everything. It was recently told to me by a frum girl that at least 90% of the marrieds are supported. Goyim do help their kids, too, but generally it's in the way of a lot of free babysitting and some money here and there. It's not to this degree. Also, goyim marry after the bachelor's, not at 18. As a result they are living at home when they are in college and if parents can't pay college, they take out loans.


  1. Another idea is that there are many frum infertile women. Why can't people have a baby for adoption by one of these women? It's a little out of the box but, if it were an open adoption they would still have contact and such. Many of these infertile families, BH, are blessed financially. They won't do it though because they would be afraid of a MO woman raised their child.

  2. They wouldn't do it because it's their child...not because they are afraid of a MO woman raising it. I can't ever imagine giving up a child of mine...no matter what.

  3. 3 children was enough for Moshe Rabbeinu's parents and for Rashi and his wife ...

  4. Not all "goyim" marry straight after obtaining their Bachelors Degree.

    Different circumstances for some will determine when they choose to settle down. Some will go onto Post Graduate studies and then commence studying towards a PhD.

    Then for many its the next phase of buying a home vs renting. Everyone is different really. Some also choose to see and travel the world before they settle down.

    Now going back to the blog topic, some women choose to support their husbands whilst they learn, be it if they are learning in a Kollel or on a University Campus. It's what works for them.

    Alot of people struggle through the first few years of marriage without any financial support from their families. For many when you reach a certain age you are physically able to take care of yourself which includes taking care of your own finances.

  5. I don't mind having as many kids as Hashem gives me--so long as the Gedolim who poskened against birth control pay my bills. But of course, I'm avoiding the whole tuition issue by homeschooling.