Sunday, February 14, 2010

A request of my readers...

I'm trying to stay overnight in Brooklyn two different times. One of them is Wednesday night. I have a speech screening from 6 to 7pm then we have class again on Thursday because don't have class tomorrow. The other time is Shabbos Purim and the motzei after. I have class at 9am in Brooklyn and I have to hear the megillah before class, don't I? I don't get out of class until 11:45.

So, I thought I would turn to my readers. I know you all love me. Perhaps this could be added to my list of times when the community has come through for me? For those that don't live in Brooklyn, many of you know people who do that you could ask. I find people are more ammenable to these things when a middle person that they know has asked. I tried the "See You On Shabbos" site once and I was turned down for a Shabbos. So, I'm really turned off from that site and don't want to try it for Shabbos Purim. Besides which I need motzei, too.

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