Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Updates and question about NYC in 1975...

So, the gabbers behind me have actually gotten quiet, who woulda thunk it? Also, the professor cracked the whip a little better on Monday when students were talking.

Now, I have been given an informal assignment. The professor was telling us about something that happened in 1975 in the NYC economy. He said, "go home and ask your parents." Well, my parents are dead and actually they didn't live in NYC in 1975, either. That's the year I was born. My mother never lived outside of Buffalo but, my father was actually stationed in Bayonne, NJ when he was in the Navy. That would have been in the sixties, though. Also, he's dead, so...  So, I turn to you, my readers, many of whom who are in NYC and some might be old enough to remember, to tell me about the financial crisis in NYC in 1975.


  1. And the answer is...

    One of the greatest Daily News headlines of all:

  2. I did it with a Google search:

  3. I was around in 1975- on a bike in short pants. I miss those days.

    Actually, I miss the bike. I can't do wheelies in my car.