Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Tropper tapes are in better circulation than previously...

So, they've been talking about this black and white recording that was made from a hidden camera. This is now up over at the Troppergate blog as well as on YouTube. So, on Troppergate, they are discussing why Shannon is innocent. I think there's a heavy belief that Tropper is guilty. I just submitted the following comment:

Oh, puh-lease!

I've known some manipulative women who try to recruit me to their ways and I think she's just like them. I've never met any of these people but, I know what happened.

She wanted money for her custody hearing and let it slip to Tropper. She did things around him to turn him on (like eat innocently provocative-a favorite of the manipulative girls) then he made the offer. She had in mind all along that when she wanted out, if he didn't let, she would pull something like this. They are both guilty. I don't buy for a second that she was manipulated. Usually men wait until they have clues that they will get a desireable response before offering to give that kind of money for sex. Which brings me to the most important point. If she's such a sweet innocent girl, why did she take the money?


  1. Michal, you sill gioress, you are a self hating woman.

    You sit behind a computer all day. I know R' Tropper for over 20 yrs. This is not the 1st time he has manipulated and had his way with woman, do you even know what happened with his 1st marriage. You are just a clueless person sitting behind your computer who blames your fellow woman for sexual harassment and control.

  2. Ha,
    You need some reading comprehension skills. I said I think they are both guilty.

    Also, I don't know why you think I sit behind a computer all day. I don't. However, I moderate comments from my cell phone when I have down time.

  3. Michal he is right,

    You have no concept of control of such cult like leaders. Much like Jim Jones who convinced so many to drink the Kool aid. Instead of proclaiming this woman a hero for being smart enough to get out of his grasp you deride her good name and embarrass her kids by calling her a blackmailing whore. What goes around comes around, hopefully someone won't do that to you also.

    Think about it,if she really was scamming him for money, would she try escape from his grasp and expose him? No she would keep her little mouth shut, keep getting her monthly payments from Tropper and sleep with the Satmar guy and Amir, but she chose not to. At least give her some credit and don't paint her with the same brush as Tropper who has been doing this kind of stuff since time in memorial. The only difference this time is that someone recorded him. Otherwise no one would have heard of her.

  4. Another thing, it seems Shannon, not Tropper won this round... as she got her conversion and she has succeeded in causing people to look at him. He's even been pushed into stepping down from his position. Furthermore, she never "earned" the money he gave her. She didn't do the deed that was supposed to pay for that custody money- at least not according to what's out in the media.

  5. Jethro,
    I don't think either is blameless. I'm sure he has been doing this with other women. I don't think the monthly payments are what she was after but money for the custody hearing. The reason why I brought this up is because people think she's a squeaky clean victim and that he's a manipulator. I think they were trying to manipulate each other. The real victim are the kids of Troppers and of Orand (but not together-at least not that we know of...)

  6. Again you sit from your perch, and proclaim that Shannon won this round. This is not a boxing match, she never asked to go head to head with A Rosh yeshiva, all she wanted was to become Jewish and unfortunately met the wrong Rabbi, you of ALL people should understand that. Shannon could easily be Michal, with the likes of Tropper.

    I was merely commenting on your self hating woman post about how this evil temptress manipulated this Rabbi. HA!

  7. No, it couldn't just as easily have been me, because I don't go around taking thousands and thousands of dollars from men for custody lawyers.

  8. First off, Michal's not deriding Shannon's good name (?) or embarrassing her children. Shannon's on those tapes, which were recorded by her own arrangement.

    There is obviously a large backstory that hasn't yet been revealed and is unlikely to be so. Shannon gives the impression of a put-together woman.... doesn't seem like somebody susceptible to cult-like domination by a power figure. Then again.... there's no telling what kind of state she was in trying to protect her children and secure a divorce. So the bottom line is: we don't know.

    The snippets of video/audio that I've seen and heard from the delightful multimedia panoply that is this affair have been more than sufficient to convince me of the grossness committed by its perpetrator.... and at this point viewing the tapes would probably be more of a guilty, eh, indulgence than a provision of useful information for this humble correspondent.