Monday, February 1, 2010

Why I think Tropper is guilty

I'll tell you why I think he's guilty.

This organization was lying and making stuff up before this whole thing blew up. They garnered their support under the claim that they were preventing intermarriage, they were doing a good deed. Yet, some of us know that they were converting more than just intermarried folks. They were working with anyone they could get and taking payment for it-about a grand per conversion. These include single women with and without children. I know of a single man they converted. They converted entire families: man, wife and child(ren). I know this from seeing online posts from people who were working with this organization on a Yahoo group, "Orthodox Conversion To Judaism" which I am no longer on.

Furthermore, since they gave me the heebie jeebies I stayed away from them, but, I've heard of them doing conversions in less than a year. I thought that was the problem with the RCA? Why weren't they being open with the public that they were also converting many who were not intermarried? Did anyone give EJF permission to call themselves the source for "Universally Accepted Conversions"?



  1. I am converting with the help of EJF and I have found none of the above to be true. It's been nearly 1 1/2 yr for me and I have not paid them a cent. And isn't it bordering Lashon Harah to keep talking about Leib Tropper? And they do convert within intermarried couples, why do you care if they convert others as well? They also work with families who have ties to Judaism in Jewish father or granparent, etc. I don't understand this obsession with EJF that people have. Just be jewish and let HaShem sort out the details.

  2. They may decide not to charge now because of the negative publicity. Previously, they would tell the person when they pass the beis din and not before. Yes, they convert within intermarried couples but, they deceive that this is their work. They work with many who just want to convert. They sell them on the "Universally Accepted Conversion" idea. People should be warned when there is a wolf in sheep's clothing on the loose.