Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CUNY Proficiency Exam...

This is an overdue post. I took an exam a little over a week ago called the CPE or CUNY Proficiency Exam. For those who are outside New York City, you are likely wondering what CUNY is. This stands for City University of New York. This is the network of 2 and 4 year public colleges within New York City's five boros. There is only one SUNY campus here. It's quite down-played, too. So, you may have heard me discuss that I go to Brooklyn College. This is a 4-year CUNY in Brooklyn. If you read the Daas Torah blog, you saw Jersey Girl make comments about Queens College, assuming that I go there. Queens College is another CUNY which is actually about a 30 to 45 minute commute away by public transportation or bicycle. (There's three legs to the journey by public transportation.) It's maybe 10 minutes by car from me, although, I rarely enjoy that option. I'm sure you are wondering why in the world I commute almost two hours when there is another CUNY in my backyard. The reason is simple, Brooklyn had the major I wanted. Queens did not.

So, enough of that. Every student at any CUNY is to take this exam between 45 and 60 credits. It is a writing exam. I want to say that it was easy but, I will feel pretty stupid if I say that and for some reason I failed it, now won't I? I was granted 67 of my 82 credits in my transfer into Brooklyn College. So, I was caught off guard by an Email during the Fall semester that I would have to take this test. I called the testing office and they explained it to me. So, I went in and filed for a deferral and I took it in January when I wasn't in session.

The topic that I had to write about for the essay had to do with the effect that technology has on reading and writing among the masses. I've been writing so much more since I started the blog. This is something I never would have done. I spoke about how I feel for me personally, the internet has improved my writing ability because I get more practice, because I have this blog. I closed my CPE paper by saying that each person chooses whether to use technology as a tool to grow in their reading and writing or a medium which makes you lazy and "u find ur starting 2 rite like this..."


  1. That's so ironic! I too went to Brooklyn College (graduated back in '88) and definitely do NOT miss the hallowed halls of Ingersoll, James, Boylan (?), etc and the other buildings there -- nor any of the teachers (so many sucked!). Maybe they've improved over the years?


  2. Good for you. Sounds like you did just fine. Oh, and if for some extremely perverse reason (and I don't recommend it at this point) you decide to go to law school, wait until you take the bar.

    Best of luck!