Sunday, February 14, 2010

Play in the snow?

On Wednesday I was told to, "get out and enjoy the snow." Oh, have I turned into an old fart! Yet, I am young. I tried to find a picture indicating how much I played in the snow as a kid, which I have since taken down. I don't know what my dad was doing on *MY* snowmobile, but that's right, I had my own snowmobile. Although, that didn't last long. I kinda crashed it into a tree before I even graduated from the course at the local Snow-goers for kids under a certain age but over another age to be licensed to drive a snowmobile on public property without an ad-ult on the back of the same machine. So, I got this Bravo when I was 10 or 11 for December 25th. Hmmmmmmmm... as I look at this picture, I'm starting to wonder if that was a chance to have another snowmobile in the garage. I think we had two other snowmobiles.

Meanwhile, I have many other snow memories from childhood. After all, in Buffalo, we have snow from October or November until at least March, usually April and once even May. At my father's house, I would take the dog outside and hollow out under the picnic table. I was Julie, from the book, Julie and the wolves. The dog was, of course, one of the wolves.

At my mother's house, sometimes, I would shovel the driveway with the landlord and his kids. I was good friends with the youngest. I think, though, her father and stepbrother probably did most of the work and we were probably in the way. We didn't mean to be, but we were young. When my mother would splurge and pay to have the driveway plowed (maybe 3 or 4 times in my life), she would have the guy leave the plow dung in a pile in the backyard, so us kids could go sledding on it. It was my job to take out the garbage, so in the winter, I put it on a sled and tugged it to the end of the driveway. I used to love going tobogganing. My class used to go to a park once a year for a field trip and I looked forward to the toboggan slide. I had a kiddie toboggan at home but, it wasn't the right size for the toboggan slide at Chestnust Ridge Park.

We weren't much into snowmen, we were more likely to build forts and snow statues. I entered a contest at my school one year. I didn't win but, it was fun to go to the winter carnival. My mother never played in the snow with us kids but, I hope if and when I ever have kids, I'm not such a fuddy duddy and I get out there in the cold with them. I think the snow creations will still be my favorite. That's the problem with New York City. Where do you make a snow turtle or a snow race car? I don't know too many people who have a lawn big enough for them. If you made it at the local park, you wouldn't get to see it after you made it or work on it in spurts. I guess you could take pictures for memories. I wish I had pictures of those snow creations I used to make. I don't know if NYC gets enough snow to really make cool stuff, though.

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