Monday, February 1, 2010

The Tropper thing hasn't been resolved...

So, over on the Daas Torah blog, there is a post about how another Jew who is unconvicted but, accused of something went to rabbis to ask them to drop the investigation into Tropper.

There's an INVESTIGATION? Really? This is the first I've heard of such. I thought they were going to claim the tapes were fake over and over again until people forget about it.

Dude! The tapes are not fake. She (we all know who "she" is) needed money and "worked it" until she got it. Then she figured she would just cry victim so she wouldn't have to own up to promises she made him. I noticed how she dropped this when her case against the ex was done.. coincidence? I think not. She's guilty, too. Everyone wants to feel bad for her. She's a 32 year old woman. She knew what was up when she took money from a man, puh-lease! Why rabbis in Israel would convert a woman who really admitted to prostituting herself is beyond me.
Incidentally, I've had too many female friends like her who tried to teach me her "game" to not spot what was going on.

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  1. I agree. This woman is just as responsible and it is shameful that she was pushed through a conversion in Israel immediately after this.